High-Performance Pan-Tilt Unit

Dual-Axis Platform Mounted System for Ground Applications

HELLENIC INSTRUMENTS offers the HI-PTU100-NST high-performance pan-tilt unit for precise observation and real-time positioning of various payloads, including thermal cameras, video cameras, laser rangefinders, and microwave antennas. The HI-PTU100-NST offers high precision, user-controlled position and speed movements for payloads up to 25 pounds, utilizing precise stepper motors with embedded encoders. Built-in features include internal wiring with slip ring allowing for continuous pan rotation, fully configurable ranges of motion and parameters through Ethernet web interface.  A fully integrated design suitable for intense applications in all weather conditions provides effortless integration to existing systems, minimizing your integration and development costs.


A heavy-duty mid-range pan-tilt unit for payload positioning of up to 25 pounds, best for multi-part payloads in fixed and mobile applications. The body of the HI-PTU100-NST is constructed from machined aluminium, providing rigid and repeatable positioning of payloads. Utilizing precise stepper motors with embedded encoders, the HI-PTU100-NST is capable of delivering high-performance payload positioning for improved monitoring through thermal imagers, as well as maintaining direct communication links when in transit. Application scenarios include platforms in ground, from boarder control towers to coastal security.

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Advanced Features and Applications

NST Modules: The Non Stabilized pan-tilt units provide accurate real-time positioning of various payloads, including thermal cameras, video cameras, laser rangefinders, and microwave antennas for precise observation and targeting. High precision, user-controlled position and speed movement for payloads up to 25 pounds is achieved with the use of precise stepper motors with embedded encoders. The NST modules are designed for intense applications in all weather conditions, offering an ultra low-cost off-the-shelf solution for payload positioning.

Multiple mounting options: All Hellenic Instruments pan-tilt units offer user-configurable mounts, allowing for easy integration of payloads. With multiple mounting brackets and options, different types of payloads can be secured on the platform, resulting in a precisely balanced system.

  • High performance, Military grade Pan-Tilt Units

  • Fully weatherized (IP66)

  • Payloads up to 25 pounds

  • Compact & Rugged Design

  • continuous pan rotation with internal wiring

  • 14 cable pass-through wiring (including coaxial cables) and dedicated programmable UART

  • RS-232, RS-485 & Ethernet Communications for user-programmable motion

  • Position resolution up to 0.00072 degrees

  • Lightweight & compact design

Host Interfaces and Software

All HI-PTU products support real-time user-control of position, speed, acceleration using the built-in RS-232, RS-485 or Ethernet/IP Host Interface. The HI-PTU products allow for serial communication with a PC through RS-232, RS-485 compatible PZT joysticks for on-the-fly position changes and extended configuration using the web interface over Ethernet/IP. An extended list of ASCII commands allows for complete configuration of the pan-tilt units for optimum system integration in a broad range of applications.

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