Multi-Sensor Marine System


HELLENIC INSTRUMENTS offers a low-cost high performance multi-sensor marine system. Featuring an advanced 640 x 480 3rd gen. uncooled shutterless thermal sensor, a Full HD Day camera and laser rangefinder up to 10 km, the HI-SRV050-DTS delivers unrivaled detection performance in all weather conditions for continuous long range observation during day and night. The high quality and 24/7 imaging capability of the thermal camera makes the HI-SRV050-DTS the ideal tool for anti-piracy and marine safety.

Hellenic Instruments Surveillance System can provide early warning and threat assessment to ensure efficient and effective response to emerging threats. Designed under military standards, the HI-SRV050-DTS is intended for maritime applications, coastal and border surveillance, port security and search and rescue operations.

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Advanced Features and Benefits

  • Advanced 3rd gen uncooled shutterless thermal sensor 640×480
  • Thermal lens 60 mm (65 mm – 75 mm option)
  • Laser rangefinder up to 10km
  • Day camera Full HD 1080p
  • Control Station – Display Monitor with Joystick Control
  •  Gyro-stabilized built for marine applications
  •  Single DC power input (21-26VDC) suitable for battery
  •  Lightweight (8 lbs – 3.6 kg) & compact design
  • Communication protocol : RS-485/RS-232
  • Ultra Compact Size (LxWxH): 150 x 150 x 276 mm
  • 360-degree panoramic multi-sensor coverage
  • Day & Night performance even in adverse conditions
  • Suitable for night time navigation with rangefinder
  • High quality, 24/7 long range imaging capabilities
  • Gyro-stabilized for marine observation and tracking
  • Stand-alone early warning & threat assessment system
  • Cost effective anti-piracy surveillance system
  • High performance, Military grade Surveillance System

  • Fully weatherized (IP67)

  • Advanced 3rd gen cooled thermal sensor 640×480

  • Day camera Full HD 1080p

  • Laser Rangefinder up to 10 km

  • Ultra Compact & Rugged Design

  • Continuous pan rotation with internal wiring

  • RS-232, RS-485 & Ethernet Communications for user-programmable motion

  • Stand-alone anti-piracy and marine safety system


  • Anti-Piracy surveillance system
  • Maritime wide area surveillance
  • Ports protection
  • Night time navigation
  • Search and rescue
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