Vessel Remote Monitoring System

Monitoring System Performance, Energy, Emissions & Maintenance

The HI-VRMS100 is an integrated Vessel Remote Monitoring System that continuously monitors and controls, processes and logs data from selected points and sources on a vessel traveling global waters. The system  improves vessel maritime security and cyber security by monitoring the vessel’s route. The HI-VRMS100 does not replace any existing system. It is a powerful supplement that gathers and processes data from vessel systems and provides them to the vessel’s operators.

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Advanced Features

  • Tracking Vessel’s performance KPI, EEDI
  • Customized reports & trends generation
  • Monitor, log & report fuel consumption
  • Monitor, log & report energy usage
  • Critical Machinery performance
  • Monitor Vessel’s route
  • Fault investigation
  • Regulatory reporting
  • MRV Regulation (Co2 emissions)
  • Early warnings on machinery anomalies


  • Vessel Management – Lead to confident decision for cost-effective vessel operation and cut down costs
  • Comply to SSAS and MRV Regulations
  • Enhance Maritime Operations
  • Simplify Vessel Monitoring and accelerating availability time for chartering
  • Reduce Vessel Fuel Costs and Monitor Engine Performance
  • Monitor Vessel Performance and Reduce Paperwork
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