Coastal and Border Surveillance System

The HI-CSS line

HELLENIC INSTRUMENTS offers a low-cost high performance monitoring system for coastal and border surveillance. Featuring an advanced 640 x 480 3rd gen. cooled thermal sensor, the HI-CSS delivers unrivaled detection performance in all weather conditions for continuous long range observation during day and night. The high quality and 24/7 imaging capability of the thermal camera makes the HI-CSS the ideal tool for coastal and border security.

Hellenic Instruments Coastal and Border Surveillance System can provide early warning and threat assessment to ensure efficient and effective response to emerging threats. Designed under military standards, the HI-CSS is intended for maritime applications, coastal and border surveillance, port security and search and rescue operations.

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Advanced Features and Benefits

  • Advanced 3rd gen cooled thermal sensor 640×480
  • High resolution detector – 640×512
  • Thermal lens 15mm – 280mm (custom – optional)
  • Laser rangefinder up to 10km
  • Day camera Full HD 1080p 10mm – 1000mm
  • Control station – 19″ XGA Display monitor & Joystick Control
  • Gyro stabilized pan-tilt (available as an option)
  • Software control – OSD text & graphics ability
  • Communication protocol : RS-2422/RS-485/RS-232
  • Cost effective unrivaled detection and surveillance against threats
  • 360-degree panoramic coverage with a single sensor
  • High quality, 24/7  long range imaging capabilities
  • Day and night powerfull performance even in adverse weather conditions
  • Automatic, simultaneous tracking of threats
  • Gyro stabilized module for mobile applications
  • Off-the-shelf stand-alone caostal and border security solution
  • High performance, Military grade Surveillance System

  • Fully weatherized (IP67)

  • Advanced 3rd gen cooled thermal sensor 640×480

  • Day camera Full HD 1080p

  • Compact & Rugged Design

  • Continuous pan rotation with internal wiring

  • RS-232, RS-485 & Ethernet Communications for user-programmable motion

  • Stand-alone caostal and border security solution


  • Coastal and border surveillance
  • Maritime wide area surveillance
  • Ports protection
  • Fight against maritime piracy
  • Night time navigation
  • Search and rescue
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