Cell Phone Jammers

How does Cell Phone Jamming work?

Our Cell Phones connect to Mobile Towers in order to get reception. A Cell Phone Jammer sends out a signal on the same frequency as your Mobile Phone, therefore causing a temporary disruption. All the while the Jammer transmits on the same frequency as your mobile device – your calls will be blocked.

Phantom Technologies develops, designs and manufactures a wide range of Cell Phone Jammers. All of our Cell Phone Jammers are based on Digital Technology PLL or DDS, which gives high frequency stability along with high Jamming efficiency.

We provide Tailor-Made Cellular Jammers as a part of our service in order to suit the product to your needs.

As of today, Phantom Technologies has made many Technological Advancements in the field of Cell Phone Jammers. Not only can our products block cell phone calls, but some of them can even identify an active IMSI number and locate the mobile device.

What are Cellular Jammers?

Cellular Jammers come in various shapes and sizes, and are programmed to block the communication of cell phones. To put it simply, by transmitting signals at the same frequency as the cellular networks in the desired area, the Jammer causes the cellular phone to lose communication with the base station.

What are Cellular Jammers generally used for?

With a blocking range of 9-100 meters, Cellular Jammers can serve many purposes. It isn´t much of a surprise to anyone that Cellular Jammers have proved themselves useful in countless life-threatening situations as improvised explosive devices (IEDs) blockers.

By using the appropriately-ranged Cellular Jammer, the communication between the explosive device and its operator is cut off and the potential bomb can be deactivated. However, did you know that there are many more uses for Cellular Jammers that are slightly less life-saving, but still very important?

For example, many firms acquire a smaller gain Jammer and install it in their meeting rooms. By doing so, these firms ensure their meetings are kept quiet and private, with no interruptions on the one hand and no information leakage on the other hand. Furthermore,Cellular Jammers can be found in large stadiums, Conference halls and even some schools.

And what does a 60-year-old American have to do with them?

As you may already have noticed, Cellular Jammers are great for blocking calls, but they can´t be installed just anywhere. One of the most talked- about stories involving Cell Phone Jammers includes a driver who decided to activate such a device while driving his car to and from work in Florida in 2014.

He claimed he wanted to make sure that the drivers around him remain focused while driving, but he didn´t take into account that MetroPCS´ nearby base station would pick up on a constant disturbance occurring daily at around the same time.

The use of Cellular Jammers is against Federal Law in the United States, mostly because of the country´s concern with not being able to carry out 911 calls. The 60-year-old driver was fined with nearly $50K.