HK-MOFA Multi-option Fuze for Artillery

HELLENIC INSTRUMENTS introduces to the market the HK-MOFA Multi-option Fuze for Artillery, specialized for use on 105mm, 155mm and 203mm gun and 120mm rifled mortar projectiles. The HK-MOFA Fuze can be combined with any type of high-explosive or illuminating rounds. It offers various operational modes that can be inductively programmed with HK-SETTER. The HK-MOFA Fuze can be set an infinite number of times and will retain the last setting indefinitely until reprogrammed.

• Multi-option fuze for 105mm, 155mm, 203mm gun
• Also suitable for 120mm rifled mortar projectiles
• 3 modes: Proximity, Electronic Time, Point Detonating
• Inductively settable with HK-SETTER
• Resistant to counter-measures with custom sensor
• Electronic detonation with non-mechanical parts
• Reserve type battery – Lithium Thionylchlorid
• 7 electromechanical levels of safety after firing

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The HK-MOFA complies with the applicable requirements as specified in:

Military Standards

  • MIL-STD-331 Fuze and Fuze Component, Environmental and Performance Tests
  • MIL-STD-333 Fuze, Projectile and Accessory Contours
  • MIL-STD-1316 Fuze Design Safety Criteria
  • MIL-STD-1168 Ammunition Lot Numbering and Ammunition Data Card
  • MIL-STD-1916 06-2014 DOD Preferred Methods for Acceptance of Product


  • STANAG 2916 Nose Fuze Contours and Matching Projectile Cavities
  • STANAG 4187 Fuzing Systems: Safety Design Requirements
  • STANAG 4157 Fuzing Systems: Test Requirement for Assessment of Safety and Suitability for Service
  • STANAG 4369 Design Requirements for lnductive Setting of Electronic Projectile Fuzes

NATO Standards

  • NATO-AOP-22 Design Criteria and Test Methods for Inductive Setting of Electronic Projectile Fuzes


The HK-MOFA has been designed with the following integrated safety systems:

  • Mechanical: 100 to 200 meters

  • Acceleration-dependent and rotation-dependent safety elements

  • No manual manipulation possible due to closed fuze housing

  • Time delay circuits prevent early detonation (1 second min)

  • Reserve type battery requires both setback and spin to activate


The HK-SETTER programmer is a microprocessor-based device with an induction circuit that programs and tests the HK-FUZE. When the programmer is fitted on top of the HK-FUZE, the inductive coil transfers energy and data to the fuze, performing multiple programming functions to the device.

The HK-SETTER supports programming from 2 sec to 199.9 sec with a step of 0.1 sec, features a 32-character LED display (2 lines X 16 characters) for ease of use, with the ability to display instructions. Through the display the operator has a visual indication of the following:
• Programming status (available / busy),
• Selecting the function of the HK-FUZE: Proximity, Electronic Time, Point Detonating
• Increase / decrease the desired activation time of the HK-FUZE,
• Query the programmed value of the activation time of the HK-FUZE,
• Operation status of the electronic circuit of the HK-FUZE (pass / fail),
• Programming mode (pass / fail)

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